Elena: Cupcake

I caught sight of my reflection in the window and paused. Normally, I was not this vain but I had just come out of the hairdresser so I made an exception. My auburn hair fell in perfect waves to the middle part of my back, a fringe sweeping  just above my peircing emerald eyes. My figure always drew attention from the boys, whom I fended off with a shy smile.

I was a barmaid at a local rock club, which was a pretty good job for someone who was only 17, but I was good friends with the people who owned it and they knew about my love of music so it wasn't so hard to get in when there was a chance. Plus any guy who did try messing with me found out the hard way that I was a black belt in tae kwon do.

But I wasn't working until the evening. A small grin lit my features as I walked down the familiar streets. It was a gig night tonight-garunteed hard work but a lot of fun. I paused outside a pretty cafe.

"Free cupcakes!" A sign proudly proclaimed.

I shrugged, going in. It was lunchtime afterall. A girl brushed past me, clutching a chocolate cupcake. I smiled, but she failed to notice me.

"Hey," I smiled at the woman behind the counter. "Could I take an apple juice and one of those cupcakes please?"

"Sure." The woman smiled back at me, handing me my order.

It wasn't until I let myself in to my Camden flat an hour or so later that a wave of dizziness hit me. My last clear thought was that I had been drugged somehow and that I should call my boss before a wall of pain slammed into me and I blacked out, the door swinging to lock shut behind me.

The End

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