Here Is My ResponseMature

Dear you,

Do you think it's strange that I haven't written you one yet? I do.
Perhaps, I never knew what to say? Or... I didn't see the point what with all the things about you already?
In fact, now I've started I don't know what to say, perhaps it's a mixture of both.

You have me wrapped around your little finger, you know. I would do anything for you.. anything but move on or forget my feelings I guess.

The moment I properly met you, I knew I wanted to be close to you.
You're difference from everyone else... Seeming so lonely but not. Not at all.
You are so well balanced, your friends seem to love you and heck excluding Robin and I, I've never seen such close friendships. You guys would take bullets for one another, whether you would all be willing to admit it or not and you understand every word which falls from each of your lips when nobody else does. Like a beautifully intricate secret language consisting of the basic aspects of my own and everyone else's English speech but formed into something so different, so confused and yet you guys...
I went off topic.

You have these amazing friendships; your hair.. I love your hair; this magic ability to just.. know everything.. how do you even....
You are just.. so different.
Your imperfection is your perfection.
That's why I don't like her. To me, you are the epitome of perfect because that is what imperfections do to us; they make us real. And you? They make you perfect.

An eternal oxymoron...

I went off topic again...

I was drawn to you when I first really met you. I wanted to know you and I told my Robin that - she used it against me later on.

I've never.. wanted to be close with someone quite that much..
When I'd sit next to you it would always feel slightly weird... I'd be a little louder or something.. like I was fighting for your attention..

It was even more bizarre when you actually spoke to me, by your choice.

I'd never copied off of you; perhaps I'd asked an answer but I'd never directly copied from your work. I never plan on it either unless I miss a lesson~

My point is that I love you. And I have loved you ever since, round about, our lovely Almach's party.

I'm a bit messy at the moment... my head is all over the place and I'm writing stories which are upsetting me so I'm very.. stuck in the past and I am sorry about that. I'm sorry about the work load and I'm sorry I'm stupid and I am sorry that you are having to put up with me...
But I love you, I wanted to let you know.

/Even though I did go off msn earlier without even taking the time to say goodbye..\

Forever yours, my love.
Lucy Knight 

The End

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