Here Is My ResponseMature

Dear You,

Hey, do you remember me?

I'm that girl who was your friend once upon a time.

That girl who meant near to nothing at all to you.

That girl who you were kind to and who you made think she was actually somebody close to you.

That girl who's heart you crushed daily.

That girl who didn't mind.

Do you remember me?

Yeah, you do? Just a bit? That smart, frizzy, blonde girl with the glasses?

Look at me now.

Look at the girl you crushed now and look where I got to compared to you.

I'm not trying to say that I have an amazing future planned out or anything like that but I heard you were getting bullied.
So look at me, the girl who you and Al pushed down and made fun of.
The girl Daylan was always too good for.

I don't get bullied.

I go to a grammar school. What about you? Kingsbrook? Road? I pity you.

Look at me, the girl who learnt from the best.
The girl who learnt from you.

Look at the way I've treated people.
Are you proud of me for the girl I've become?

All because of you.

Look at me now.

My life is brilliant.

I have amazing friends.

The perfect guy in my life.

My grades aren't perfect but I bet you a house that they are better than yours.

Look at me.

The girl you never wanted.

With no love,
Miss Knight. 

The End

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