Here Is My ResponseMature

Dear You,

I don't really know what to say...

You walked in.

I stood outside the opening of the dark and eerie cave and told you
You don't know what is in there but I do and I know that it will try to kill you. Do not go in there, for your own sake. Because I am warning you, if you do then you will be drawn further and further in until you find the heart of the cavern and there you will be murdered. No, not murdered, tortured.

You didn't reach the heart though so.. well, lucky you.

I heard you were a mean guy, that you crushed her and made her cry.
I don't like that.

But even mean guys don't deserve to be attacked.

Honestly, I have so little to say to you now...
I just wish you had something to say to me.

Nobody ever does...

Apologetically and with little to nothing else to say,
Miss Lucy Knight. 

The End

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