Here Is My ResponseMature

Dear You,

Honestly, I don't know why I am doing this.

I don't know why I am doing it to myself...
Because, really, I want to talk to you...
Don't I?

The fact that I read through those letters and thought of you.
Do I miss you?
I do not even know.

As your 'friend' I should be there for you.

But we hate each other more than you hate Hannah at some times.
We argue more too.

So it's easier this way...
Isn't it?

I should have never done that, all that time ago...
Coming up to a year now...

I should never have crossed that line - this is what I was afraid of...
What I am always afraid of.
The friendship we once had.

Do you remember how close we were?
I forget... when we were friends; we were like peas in a pod weren't we?
Joined at the hip, us three.

And now?

We're all falling apart.
But I'm the one doing the pushing...
Pushing you both further and further away...

I'm just tired of all your crap.

But... the crap stopped months ago and it has been okay for a while.

But when I think of you...
You know what fills my mind...
Those nights...
It breaks my heart.

So selfishly, I don't want to think of you any more.

Do you realise how much your life hurt me?

How much you killed me inside?

Of course not... it is your life, it hurt/hurts you a lot more than it ever hurt me...

Y'know, it was your fault I ever tried that.
It was your fault I tried so many things...

Not that I can blame you I guess.. that's just.. hypocritical.

I can't blame you and then scold him for blaming bullies...

I am sorry that this is how we ended.
I'm sorry I ruined everything.
I'm sorry I don't want to see you and I haven't spoken to you.
I'm sorry that I tried to stay friends with you.

I'm sorry I wasted your time.

Once yours,
Miss Lucy Knight. 

The End

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