Here Is My ResponseMature

Dear You,

I am still a little out of it after talking to you.
I wish I could help you and honestly, you do not know how much.
In fact, you probably never will.

And you will never understand how highly I think of you...
I literally think you are amazing.

But you do not believe that.

We spoke for such a long time and I got a slight peak into your soul, it made me hurt inside. So much makes me hurt inside.

This is the second time now.. and I don't think you had drunk any alcohol tonight.. just two sober people talking back and forth, arguing about you and your life.

If you will let me then I will forever be there for you. I'm such an unreliable friend but I want to be better and you could help me... you can lean on me as much as you want but.. if you let me lean on you too I will get better.. safer.. a better friend.

A best friend.



I told you why I thought you were awesome and you argued..
I explained why you were fantastic and you disagreed.. but everything I said was true.

I swear, I will never purposefully lie to you.

I know, you don't trust me but I want you to know, you can.

Please know that I meant everything I said tonight,
Miss Lucy Knight. 

The End

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