Helpless Romulus

           Romulus stood in the cold, musty cave, shocked. Evelina- the only friend he knew- had betrayed him. He wasn't a hero to her, he was a peasant. Just like all of the rest of them thought. Just like the rest of them had forgotten him and didn't care for him. As the evil Kronos grinned devilishly at him, anger pounded inside of him. He knew what he had to do. He had to attack first- not with his sword and shield, but with words.

             "I see you have joined Kronos, master. That you have fallen to everything you taught me to fight against." Evelina grinned. "But of course, boy. Why not? Only now have I experienced true power, only now I know Kronos is TRULY indestructible. And I thought, 'why not leave Romulus? I can throw him under the bus, just like the rest of the world. He's nothing but a peasant.'"

              Fire flared in Romulus' eyes. Forget attacking with words. He just needed a little introduction for the blood.

               Romulus looked both of them in the eye. He took a deep breath and spoke clearly: "You are both devils and you are both evil. I will kill you both and send you to the underworld." Kronos laughed. He stood up. "Shut up, boy." His voice rang through the cave, cold and gravelly. Romulus stared him in the eye. "All my life I haven't said anything. I've acted as if I never cared, as if I wasn't there. But today? Today, There is no way you can possibly make me shut up." He shifted his stance and raised his shield. "So. How do you wanna die?" And Romulus leaped into the air, sword in hand. 

The End

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