In the days of young while we consider ourselves old we base a thought to what we are taught and think that with age comes wisdom ignoring the basis of the biased simply because we agree, no credibility is needed to convince those of such calibre.

We prefer what we read over what we hear, we make our views but as they originated elsewhere we do not stand for them, but for those who do they get nothing but ridicule, we would rather be in the minority than the majority and in that what do we achieve?

As we go through our own individual worries we ignore our innocence in the world, we think we are wrong from a mistake that has shaped our lives, we regret from spite to love and in so we forget that our friends are abducted by our steady progression to sadness, you can read this and convince yourself that you are different, now or forever you are capable of a power talked of in religion, if we as with sentience have one thing in common it is the ability to both save and end a life.

Apprehensive though we are we have a choice, we can stand tall or take a fall, a high-horse has been correlated to alienation but good can call forth from all beings, from all actions and from all of you, we just need to do it, I do not expect to reach a majority but to all I ask this.

Are you satisfied with sitting still while what we have perceived as being human crumbles down, how can you sleep knowing that what you see as wrong is what we have been taught all along, we are no by-product of greed but a post-needed enforcer of good, of the beautiful, of the fair. You have knowledge of right and wrong so why do you stare at the wrong from afar, face it, we are stronger than what we are forced to depict, and it is with us day after day.

We are capable of passing a man in need and a woman without a feed, for what you have every day, they get in what seems like week after week, you can justify your actions by placing the blame on others but the actions are doubly placed on you, in a school full of lovely people why is it that one, a singularity is to be left weeping, ignored by the world, is it so difficult to lend a hand, one with food, one with a tissue, one of a friend. 

The End

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