The pain within me fingers out, touching me in all the small places, the things that don't seem important. So, I never suspect anything. It hurts, yeah, but they're such small places that I can ignore it as easily as I would a splinter or a hangnail. I've forgotten that pain is the body's way of letting you know something's wrong. Even a hangnail can lead to an infection.

I guess that's what I've been feeling... infection. Those small parts of me are now itching with inflamation, swollen to a size much larger than they're meant to be. It not only hurts more, but it's making me sick. I'm hot, tired, dizzy. Yeah, yeah that's definitely it.

An anti inflammatory should do the trick right? But I can't find any. Gosh, I swear there's everything available but what I need. Who I need.

I take something else though, anyway. Something is better than nothing. Even if it does nothing. It's better than nothing.

The End

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