This Is Hell, Not AthensMature

"You've gotta be fucking kidding me." I yelled. I didn't want to fight anybody, I just wanted to get out of here.  Well, I could just use my anger about this whole situation to kick some ass. "I hate you, but I don't want to kill you." I said to the guy who had killed me, or whatever he did. "I'm Rose." I said reaching out to shake his hand. I wasn't really gonna care if he didn't shake it, but if he did, maybe he was the better person. I was pretty much a bitch when shit like this happened, well of course nothing like this had ever happened before.

"Sorry for being rude, I'm just a little pissed that I'm dead. I bet my boyfriend's having a heartattack." I said looking down at my converse. "I don't want to fight anybody, I don't want to take them away from their families! What if they have kids, or a wife or husband? This sucks." I said with a sigh.

I then walked away, getting into a line behind a hooker or prostitute or something. She looked like one of those. She turned around and looked me up and down. "You're gonna be easy to fight."

I looked her up and down too, and with a smile said, "You're easy. Maybe that's what brought you here." That got the bitch to turn around.  It was too hot in here, good thing I wasn't wearing much. Although, it had been hot when I was driving too, so that's my excuse for looking like a whore. Which I was not.

I got thrown a weapon, and was amazed that I caught it, I was terrible at catching things. Footballs, remotes, oranges, anything that can be thrown at me, I can't catch it. I have terrible hand-eye-coordination, which I could tell was going to be the death of me.

We didn't even get to practice, we went straight into the battling arena when we got our weapons and sheilds. I was up against hooker/prostitute lady. "I'm gonna kill you!" She whispered.

"What do you have to live for?" I asked her softly, just a question. I didn't want to feel bad if I did kill her.  She shook her head and looked down.

"I have a boyfriend, a mom, a dad, a little sister, an older brother, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, cousins. Everything." I told her, and with that, the battle started.

It was crazy how good I was. I had never done anything like this, not even something on the Wii! I slashed and guarded and everything. I didn't know how I knew all of this, but I did. I defeated her in about ten minutes, to my suprise. "I'm soo sorry." I had said when I jabbed her in the heart. I walked away and left to our living quarters. They were co-ed so I wasn't suprised to see the guy in the living room. "Did you win?" I asked and he nodded. "Good job. Me too."

I don't know how much more I could do, I just had to remind myself at the end, I would kill the devil, and that would get me back to my boyfriend.

The End

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