Calm Before the StormMature


"Yeah well, I didn't mean to kill you... or did I intend on bringing us here" I replied, she just looked bitchy so I didn't bother.

Looking around, besides the flames I saw many other people. I'm guessing this is where all the bodies are gathered or something.

A large figure began approaching, its skin was orange and it was at least twice the size of any man I've ever seen. It looked around before yelling with a deep voice.

"Line up maggots!" as he shouted the flames around us rose higher, making the light blinding and the heat ever more scorching. "Men on that side, women on the other"

Another figure approached, a huge demon which was probably about a foot taller than the other one. This one had red skin and looked just as strong, horns growing from his head that made him look like a fearsome... thing.

"Welcome to Hell" he said with an evil smile "Lord Lucifer welcomes you" he followed that with a small laugh. "Now, recently Lucifer has been bored, so now he has a new soul system. All souls fight in his new arena and die painfully for his amusement!"

The line started moving into a huge dome style building, then they took us into cells.

"This is where you will be staying, i don't care if they ain't homely, nobody cares about you here" grunted the red demon.

After a while they put us into our own cells, with nothing to eat but bugs crawling around on the floor. The cells were just boxes of a black chain link fence, they were also barbed so they wouldn't try getting out.

"Alright, here are the rules. Make it through the trials, and you get your life back. Not that we expect you to survive anyway" after saying this he walked away laughing again.

The orange demon walked up and said "Alright, preparations will be made in a couple of hours. You will be called into the arena to fight each other. Better hope you don't know anyone in here" he paused to do a sinister laugh, it wasn't as bad as the other one, but it still sent a chill down your spine. "After that, you will be taking on the demons, and then lastly if you can defeat Lucifer himself in battle, your lives will be returned to you. In the real world you are alive but in a coma"

The orange demon walked away without saying anything. As he walked out a door lines of lesser demons walked in with armor and weapons handing them to everyone. They were smaller than the average man, walking on all fours and they were a pale red color.

A big guy walked up to me put his hand on my shoulder and looked me in the eye. "I'm not targeting you specifically, but may the best man win"

"Same to you" I replied

"Alright, get out of 'ere and go kill each other" snorted the orange demon

The End

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