Hell's Not FairMature

Two teens arrive in hell after being in a car accident, they must work together to defeat the devil, and get out of hell.


It all happend waayyyy too fast. I was driving along-first time driving in my new car- and this truck came along, it was just a red blur. I didn't know what had happened, I guess I was turning and the truck crashed into me. Well either way now I'm here, and I'm not totally sure where here is. It's hot, really hot, and I'm wearing my normal clothes, ripped short-shorts, and a black and white polka dotted tank top. My shoes were black converse like they had been when I was stepping on the pedal. My hair was the same dirty blonde hip-lengthed waves as it had been, but something was different, my butt felt wierd. I turned around to notice that I had a tail. Not just any tail though, it was red and had a spear looking edge  at the end. I grabbed it and tried to take it off, but it only hurt my butt more. "What the hell?" I asked myself aloud, looking around for people. This place was crowded. Maybe I was just in a crowded area, but it was crowded.

I poked someone's shoulder and watched them turn around angrily. "WHAT?" They yelled, fire nearly coming out of their eyes, literally.

"Where am I?" I piped, my voice quiet and nervous.

"You're in Hell. Now leave me alone." He said, turning around to walk away. I couldn't believe what he said. Hell? How did I get there? What did I do wrong? Oh...... now I know.

I noticed someone next to me, who was laying down. I nudged them, trying to get them to wake up. Maybe he knew where we were. "Hey!" I called, as he opened his eyes and looked at me. He flinched, and I backed up. "Do you know where we are?" I asked him, sitting down alongside him.

"No." He mumbled, looking groggy as if he had just woken up from a nap.

"Apparently we're in hell." I told him. He sat up, and asked someone quickly where we were.

"You're in hell." The person said. The guy walked back over to me and helped me up.

"Did I kill you?" He asked softly, afraid of the answer.

"Yeah." I said with an attitude. "But hey, at least you're dead too." Yeah I was being a bitch, but I'm dead, and in hell, am I supposed to be cheery?

The End

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