Richard Henderson- Power in Europe, and thats not all

In the European Continent, a new leader has risen to power. His name was Richard Henderson. His control of Europe has lead to advancements in science and a strengthening military. Two years from this very day, Henderson rose to power, the Europeans not knowing what they know now. Henderson, a Freemason, was now bringing to power a group called the Illuminati, and controlling the Europeans with science. Obviously, religious and cultural studies were not being seen as important in Europe anymore. Education was falling in places like Italy and France, where many people were very religious. This educational downfall might hold back the imperial plans that Henderson seeks for the near future. The Illuminati rising to power has lead to a recent Nuclear Attack of Vatican City, with nearly 3,000 dead. The next plan was to reach higher and greater things. Henderson was happy controlling Europe, but it wasn't enough. He wouldn't be satisfied until he had the whole world. With the advancements made in science in Europe though, that was the track he was going to. 

"We will create a new, stronger Weapon. Heck, we will create a new level of Warfare Weaponry. No army will be able to survive with our new bomb. The world will soon be mine!"

The End

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