Atlantis: The dome of protection

Jiltea was speaking with Altea using a wireless device strapped to her wrist. The range of the device was unimaginable, for it would reach the moon or even Mars.

"Yes, ma'am," Jiltea said. "I do not know how they will respond. I hope we haven't made a mistake."

"Plausible dependability," Altea responded. "Our presence in this conflict may become legend just like Egypt. We will keep ourselves in the background. Hopefully, we aren't the only ones to survive. I would like to come out in the open. It just can't happen right now."

"I understand, and I agree," Jiltea said. "What would you like me to do next?"

"Visit the emperor of the ... " Altea paused, trying to think of the name of the nation.

Jiltea provided it for her. "Central America. Also known as the New Aztecan Empire."

"That's it," Altea said. "We should update our history classes. I think we still teach old world history."

"Yes ma'am," Jiltea said, laughing. "Interestingly, the Aztecs haven't been a part of this conflict yet, so maybe this is a good direction for us."



Jiltea appeared in the office and throne room of the emperor of "The New Aztecan Empire."

The emperor jumped noticeably. "I demand that you don't do that anymore."

"My apologies, but regular communication is not possible. I assure you that our intentions are not hostile."

"Very well," he said, motioning Jiltea to sit down. Jiltea did. "I have thought about your message, your offer for alliance. Like I told Drew and the South American lady, we are not a part of this conflict. We intend to stay out."

"With all due respect," Jiltea said, "after Asia is done with them, do you not think they will come after you? Our goal is to save as many as possible. We need an alliance for this. We cannot fight ourselves."

"What is that you want to say to me today, then?"

"I want to encourage you to accept, and I am willing to start our end of the deal. If you will provide the soldiers, we will provide the defenses to keep them safe, much safer than anyone else can offer. If you strike Asia now, South America may be saved. If that happens, the security of your nation will last longer."

The emperor sat there for a moment, thinking. Eventually, he spoke, "I agree. I want to keep my people safe. If you can demonstrate the effectiveness of your defenses, I will deploy as many people as I have, which is nearly a billion people."

"That will be plenty," Jiltea said, smiling.


A demonstration of the defenses was set up for an hour after Jiltea left. Jiltea appeared out in the middle of a field. No one was around to get hurt except her. She stood there completely calm.

Missiles with nuclear war heads (very similar to the ones fired from the moon at the Asian forces off the coast of South America) were fired at her. After the bombs went off, she walked through the radiated area, walking right up to the where the bombs were fired from. Machine guns were fired at her. No damage. 

"Will this do?" Jiltea asked the military man she walked up to. He nodded, saying nothing.


Jiltea appeared back in the office of the emperor a few minutes later.

"That was some demonstration," the emperor said.

"Let me be straight with you," Jiltea replied. "It will be less effective the more people that are protected under the dome, which is what the defense is. It will protect an area, and everyone in the area will not die. We suggest sending out only a few thousand at a time. They can strike and not be struck down."

"I will send them to South America. Will you be joining them?"

"Of course. The device which provides the dome of protection will be under my control, but I will not assist in the carnage."

"We will send them immediately!"

The End

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