Arnold Wu: War Machine

Arnold Wu was, once again, in a meeting with his military.He wished it weren't so, as he detested the idea of faliure, which was all to common in battle.
"Sir, the Italian digital traces have been found by Lunar personnell- It is high time we strike at Europe. We have 20,000,000 men massed at our mutual borders, and 1 million tanks ready to go. Other vehicles are in plentiful supply, and 90,000 multi purpose planes* are prepared to split into three teams: one over our troops as they advance, one over the medditaranian, and one in a large curve up over Eurpoe and then back down again. They will meet at the Vatican, where we belive the enemy is based. To attack now would be wisest."
"Do it, then, and see that you bring me this... ah yes, Kari's head to me. I would like to laugh at her in person.'
"Uhh... another item on the agenda today is an update from your operation ISPY in South America. General Wong, if you will?"
"Thank you. Our hovercraft were hit yesterday by a large volley of missiles, and 3 ships were forced to segment. We lost around 30,000 men, and a good deal of our missiles. because our stock of weapons has been so depleted, we declined to fire on the moon ourselves- General Jokain is taking care of that. Premiliminary offences indicate that the enemy's cities have been abandoned. We can show a live feed here, if you wish."
"Please do."
The man fiddled with a scarlet red projector system for a moment, and, without looking up, announced that "that was it". Around the room, aides hushed as officials smiled nervously. There was nothing in the air, just  loud static coming from the speakers. No one said anything, but they all suspected the same thing had happened: the live feed wasn't working because the live feed had been destroyed, along with, what? 60,ooo troops, maybe?
"umm... It's most likely a technical difficulty. I'll get on fixing it." said the general as another man walked in, from the looks of it an intelligence man.
"Sir, I figured this is as good a time to update you as any on the hunt for enemy spies. So far, 16 people have been... questioned, and 50 more have been detained."
"Good work, but remember: this is not some"brown scare". We are simply looking for enemies of the nation, nothing more. Keep things subdued and reasonable."
"Sir, one last thing before you go. I heard you had a new operation for us."
"Yes, indeed I do. In times like these, Asia will need the most land it can have. Therefore, I am commisioning the military community to initiate the capture of Antartica and Australia. You should encounter resistance from the old world outcasts**, but not much. Take no more than 10 million men. Now, off with you all!"
*The planes are multi purpose because they have the weapontry to engage in a dogfight, the space to hold and drop bombs, and the ability to drop paratroopers. These planes also use a solar energy- based mechanism to power themselves, so they could (technically) keep flying forever.
**Old world outcasts I'm thinking should be people living in the ruins of mankind's old civilisation after the Pandemic of 2019, when infected areas were quarantined. Though a cure and a prevention was found for the disease that caused the Pandemic later, human society forgot about the land, and it's dwellers.

The End

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