Kari Machiavelli - Grace under pressure

Kari felt relieved when she saw that Lerato Mbeki had taken the screen.  From what she had heard, Ms. Mbeki was a straightforward, intelligent woman.  Devious as politicians may be, there are always good-hearted ones thrown into the mix.

"Yes, that would be correct.  This matter is of utmost importance to both of us."  Kari started, "And I hope you wouldn't mind keeping it to just us."

Lerato smiled.  "Certainly, Senora.  I'm alone, so don't worry."

Kari couldn't help but smile back.  Lerato had that enchanting feel to her that made any emotion she held contagious.  "All levity aside, Lerato, I believe we have a crisis on our hands.  Asia has just launched an attack on South America, as you may or may not know.  I am absolutely positive that Europe is next on their black list."

Lerato's smile began to fade and thinned into a line of neutrality. 

Uh oh, Kari thought, Gotta try to play this one safe.  "I am currently moving my navy across the mediterranean to launch a counterattack.  Please keep news of this advance to yourselves, and do not publicize it.  Surprise is of the essence here.  If this attack fails, I will have a very hard time holding them back from ransacking eastern europe.

"But alas, that is not the only reason I called."  Kari continued.  "I was just warning you that Asia may soon have me pinned down in the Vatican.  When and if that does happen, please stay on your feet and, more importantly, stay alive.  Asia can not take the reins on this world if we all fight back." She swallowed nervously.

For a few moments, there was complete and total silence.  Lerato took a while to soak it all in.  Finally, she spoke.  "Kari, I was actually in the midst of a meeting with some relatively dumb politicians.  However, I will do as much as I can to help."

Kari sighed.  "Grazie, compadre."  Once again, silence.  "Lerato, the weight of both our countries depends on you keeping this to us.  Only us."

She nodded.  "Kari, goodbye and good luck.  For I daresay you will need it."  Lerato smiled worriedly.  "Godspeed."

"Likewise."  The transmission cut off.

The End

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