Lerato Mbeki; Africa

'I'm still not sure what you're proposing?' 

I sighed exhasperatedly.  Why am I surrounded by idiots!?  'It's very simple.  We can't defeat them by force alone so we will have to outsmart them, make them think we are their allies when in reality, once we have got what we want we turn on them.'

'That isn't very diplomatic Lerato.'  Tafari's eyes showed his concern.

'We don't have to be diplomatic as long as we win.  Politically we have some of the best minds in the world working on our side.  Our land contains almost as many natural resources as Asia but luckily for us, ours are more accessable.  If we play this right then we can get back in control of our destiny.'

'Ma'am.'  Keto came and stood behind my chair.

'Yes Keto.  What is it?'

'There is a call waiting for you Ma'am.'

'Well who is it?'

'It's Kari Machiavelli from the Italian Peninsula.  She say's the matter is urgent.'  I stood up from the negotiating table where most of my trusted advisors were sat.

'I'm sorry gentlemen, I gave to take this call.'  The rest of the room was on their feet as I walked out.  The call was waiting for me in one of the conference rooms and the face of Kari was waiting for me on the projection screen as I entered the room.

'Miss Mbeki.'

'Miss Machiavelli.  I understand you have something urgent to speak to me about.'

The End

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