Belen Lucero - The Meeting


I sat alone in a secured room at one of North America's largest military complexes in the Arizonan desert, working frantically from my tablet to keep some from of order during my brief absence.  Under normal circumstances I never would have left my country during a threat of this sort, but an alliance with the moon was our only chance of survival at this point, and I could not afford not to meet Drew in person.  During my absence I left Supreme General Gualtario, the head of my armed forces, in charge.  A veteran commander, and one of the most powerful of the drug cartel, he was one of the greatest influences in unifying the belligerent drug lords and bringing our nation together.  I respected him greatly for his strong leadership, but unfortunately his diplomacy skills were poor at best, and I could not help but hope that none of the other world leaders were in communication directly with him.

I examined the myriad of statistics and projections that swarmed my screen, trying to figure out where we would have the advantage.  We had no large war machines of any sort: no battleships, no bombers or fighters, nothing.  We had very few missile bases, and a very limited missile defense system.  If the moon had not crippled a good portion of Asia's missile capabilities in their surprise bombardment, I would have been sunk.  We only had about half a million troops trained and equipped at this time, no where near enough to repel the Asia ground troops alone, even with Asia's missile capabilities diminished.  The moon had some impressive bombardment capabilities, but they would not be able to get troops to earth for almost a full 20 hours.  Europe had some amazing naval power, but their hands were tied already, I could not ask for any troops from them.  There was only one thing to do.  I took a deep breath, then sent the message to Gualtario.

"Initiate operation escudo*."

Just as I finished, Drew walked in.  His step was hurried, but not frightened.  He exuded strength of character and complete confidence.  His presence made me feel secure, almost peaceful.  And he wasn't bad looking either...

"I appreciate you taking the time to meet with me in person."

I quickly snapped out of my daydreams.  "The same to you as well.  I wish that our meeting had occurred under more pleasant circumstances."

"I as well.  Now enough with the pleasantries, time is of the essence."

"Agreed."  I liked him already.  "I will speak frankly.  We need your help now, and we can offer you something in return: the Akio Turnbine plans."

"I'm listening."  If he was surprised in any way that we already had the Asian technology, he didn't show it.

"In return I need you to launch a full scale bombardment."

"The target?"

"South America."

He looked at me questioningly.

"There is no way I can repel the Asian troops on my own.  I have initiated operationescudo.  The entire South American population is currently making it's way as fast as it can towards the center of the continent.  A series of safe houses hidden deep in the Andes Mountains will serve as our military and governmental headquarters. We have a secret top grade missile defense system around that one area, and the basic infrastructure we need to keep our military/government running is already in place.  Our army will hand out weapons to any willing to fight, and we will engage the enemy as we retreat to the safezone using guerrilla tactics, one of our specializations.  On my mark, you will release a massive volley at all areas with Asian troops in them, whether my men are in the killzone or not.  We will attempt to keep the invaders as close to the coastline as possible, and away from the fleeing population."

"You recognize that our weapons will demolish practically every standing structure in the blast areas, right?"

I paused, breathing deeply before answering.  "Yes.  But my people will live."

"I will make the necessary preparations.  Just give me the word, and I will blast those stupid buggers to hell."


We shook hands, then left for the signing room where us, along with the leaders of Central America, the United States, and Canada, would sign the treaty.

It was then that it appeared.

Once it left, I spoke with Drew on our way to the shuttle.

"I'm not sure I really trust it, Drew, but if their is any way I can keep destruction from coming to my people, I will do whatever is necessary.  I will continue with operation escudo, and I want you to make the preparations for the bombardment just in case, but we will hold off on any action until we see how effective these things are."


"Thank you, Drew.  We'll be in touch."

Then I was off, being whisked off to a secret location in the Andes Mountains.


escudo means shield

The End

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