Atlantis: Do we have an alliance?

"Their using what?" Altea's question was understandable. The predicament with the land dwellers was getting out of hand.

"Thermospheric technology."

Altea paced for a moment, mumbling to herself. "We knew they were close, but we didn't know they were past the development stage. They are actually at the implementation stage."

Altea conveened another "Council of Atlantis" that afternoon. This was the second one in a month. The record was three in a month, but that was nearly 2,000 years ago.

She peered at her constituantes and sighed. "Asia has developed and implemented a working thermospheric launcher." The response was loud, of course. "They have many of them, in fact."

"We can't detect those," Jiltea commented.

"No," Altea agreed, "not accurately. But, we do know they are being used to target South America's east coast." She paused, allowing that last bit of information to sink in. "We can't protect South America anymore ... not by ourselves."

"What are you suggsting?" Yipyo asked, his expression matching much of the room.

"It is time we enter this game all the way." She paused a long time, for it took a while for the room to calm down. Finally, she went on, "I suggest we provide some direct, non-military help to one of Asia's enemies."


Jiltea walked into the room. No one saw her, for she was cloaked, powered by a small device attached to her wrist. Drew, the leader of the moon colony, and Belen, the leader of South America were talking privately before the official meeting was to begin.

The president of the United States and Canada walked into the room, accompanied by the Emperor of Central America. Jiltea chose this time to decloak. The reaction from the rest in the room was quick and desisive. Three of the five in the room brought their guns out and fired.

Jiltea was not harmed. She was not touched.

"Personal force field," she announced, tapping a different device on her opposite wrist.

"Who the !@#$ are you?" Drew asked.

"My name is Jiltea. I am a Councilor of the High Command of Atlantis. I come bearing greetings." She bowed as she said the word "greetings." 

"Atlantis?" Belen was speechless except for the one word.

Jiltea looked at her directly. "I am aware of your legends, but I can assure you we are real." She turned her attention to the rest of the room. "Let me get to the point. We have a common enemy. Asia."

Drew started clapping. "I knew I was going to kick Asia's butt. And, you are going to help us do it, right?"

"Yes and no." Her response made everyone look at each other.

"What are you going to do, then?" asked the president of the USA&C.

"We will provide non-military assistance to keep the enemies of Asia relatively safe. We will let you borrow some of defenses and ways to detect some of their technology. Unfortunately, they have developed surprisingly advanced technology, which is one reason we decided to reveal ourselves.

"We have technology which will scramble their electronics," Jiltea added.

But, Drew rejected the idea. "They will block that signal."

"No," Jiltea continued, "our method of scrambling is otherwise unknown. It will be effective, and we can target Asia only. We will also provide you with an engine which will get you to the moon in 6 days.

"Now, all of our technology will stay ours. Forcefields will protect all of it, and an Atlantean will oversee all functions. Don't try to double cross us, for we will strike back if necessary ... even if it means our mutual destruction. Do we have an alliance?"

The End

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