Arnold Wu: Tactics

"... WHAT?  The Moon attacked our forces? Give them license to retaliate, but remind them that South America is the priority target. Send the reserve troops in, but send them through Thermospheric launchers*, and send them to South America's east coast, so that they can create a squeeze effect with the middle prong on the other side, and  cut it in half."

"Sir... Isn't that-"


"Yes *gulp* sir. I'll inform the science department and your generals immediately."

The aide cut communication briskly, and left Arnold to his own devices. President Wu looked around for a moment, anticipating that something to do would be forced upon him, but nothing happened. So, he took a blank sheet of paper and tried (rather fruitlessly) to organize his plans for the future.

1: Destroy South America, and make it a province.

2: Invade and subdjigate Europe.

3: Make peace with, and then annex, the Moon.

4:Regroup. Organize governments for the new territories, build fortifications, strengthen the economy, and allow for Asia's armies to grow to a standard size.

5: ?

Promptly, he burned it in his trashcan untill it was just ashes, and then scattered them on the breeze outside his window. He still doubted his intelligence team, and such a document falling into the wrong hands... well, it would be bad. Let the military do it's thing, and just keep things going well at home...

Another thought crossed his mind: what if, just maybe, he could kidnapp the leaders of all the other nations, and hold them without telling a soul? Their governments would be in chaos, waiting, wondering, and battling for the empty thrones of power, leaving him to his own devices. Yes, that could work... he would have to speak to his spy network's leader.

*Thermospheric launchers are made of electrons, and are therefore immposible to track detect, ar hit with a weapon. They require large amounts of energy to make, and only last 24 hours, however. Few countries have the technology nessecary to make one. Asia, to ship 1.5 million men, is probably making 700,000.

The End

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