Drew: Aim to cripple

I was  handed over my schedule from an secatary , and was glad to read that Belen was heading over to negotiate with me. I was sure having another alliance with south america may not be a huge benefit in the scheme of things but knowing them they probably had some information I could use. I walk towards a smaller transport shuttle until I was approached by captian Elay.

" Sir we have a transmission from vice prime minister Jack Kempton."

" That can't be good." I mutter.

" It isn't."

I walk seeing my vice with a very worried look on his face.

" Sir , we have been very unfortunate , but at the same time unbelievably lucky. At 4 am this morning a virus with Asian origin had attacked our computers, thankfully due to the lock down the virus did little major damage so far though we have had to shut down the bots , and a couple of bunkers, a couple computers have been knocked out , and we are so lucky that what was hacked and stolen was mostly dead end projects or fakes however they jacked the blue prints for our guns that work in space, and our lunar canon."

" Anything else?" I ask

" So far we haven't found anything we destryoed the virus , and our outside sources traced it back to Italy."

"I Don't see how thats possible Italy has only just gained space travel, and all itallian immagrants have been searched and removed of all may be harmful devices." I say

" We'll have to see the origin of release of the virus  before we start putting holes through Italy, because it seems  unlikely."

" alright, anything else."

" Asia is also attacking europe and South America.  And from what I understand you are going to negotiate with South America."

" Yup, I don't think I can have them being blown up though, this isn't good.  At the last moment if south america does nothing, cripple Asian forces."  This might get them really pissed off, but with recent events they are on my suspect list of killing Brian, and maybe just maybe planting an Itallian based virus, but I have no proof of that. What I was doing was irational, " Give orders to cripple asian forces and use stealth weapons to hide our influence on the attack."

" Will do sir, but I can't assure you that it will mask our interference, and may I ask why we are sticking our neck up unbelievably high for a country with a small military?"

" Because, I trust them more than Asia, and its going to make negotiations, with them run better, I think they've got something, something we can use."

Jack nods, and cuts out.  I get onto the the shuttle heading to Arizona accompany by my half of the squadron. Asia wasn't going to like this at all, I just hoped stealth weapons and stealth trajectory will keep everything smooth for the time being.


300 miles of the coast of South America Asia's Naval forces preperpare to fire missiles, but weren't expecting an attack from high orbit.  Projectiles pierce through the atmosphere and barrage the massive military force. each projectile  the size of a fist guided with nano chips, and with a small fusion rocket. They Missiles fire in the general direction of the origin of the space projectiles, but do not break atmosphere because the massive volley of projectiles. The shields buckle under the relentless force, the ships seperate , and take more damage on blast armour, to no avail. Many people are killed or injured the ships crippled and unable to move, a few unlucky ships sink to the bottom their comrades unable to help them in anyway.But a few stand strong and angry, It could have been worse much worse.

The End

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