Operation: Cloak Defense (Atlantis)

Chief Altea and several councilors stood in front of the screen watching the latest items on the news feed. The last few days had produced more intel than had been created in the entire year previous.

"So, a possible alliance between North and South America and the moon," Altea summarized out loud.

"With Italy mixed in as well," Jiltea added.

"It reminds me of my grandfather's day," the aged Councilor Yipyo said. No one needed to ask what he meant. Everyone in Atlantis learned of the history the land dwellers called "World War Two."

"This time we will not make the same mistake," Altea said.

"I fear we may already have," Yipyo replied. "The land dweller state-of-the-art engine is out there." He emphasized the phrase "land dweller," indicating that the engine was not state-of-the-art, but everyone in the room knew that already, anyway.

"Yes," Altea acknowledged. "But, it isn't a weapon, not really." She paused, breathing deeply. "We won't allow genocide again."

"What can we do?" Jiltea asked.

"If nothing else we stop it by force."

"That will expose us!" Jiltea's response was quickly mirrored by Yipyo. They looked at each other, expressions of horror on both of their faces. Their technology may have been grander than the land dwellers could imagine, but their numbers put them at a disadvantage.

Just then, an aide came running into the room. "There's news, ma'am!" Altea nodded, and the aide continued, "The nation known as Asia is sending one missile toward the captial city of South America, the city known as Lima."

"I thought they were increasing their spy network like everyone else," Jiltea said.

"Sounds like they are doing both," Altea added. "We can't allow a missile to hit the capital city." She looked at the councilors in the room, looking for approval. They knew what she was going to do.

"It is time for Operation: Cloak Defense."


One Atlantean missile was fired from the underwater, domed city. It traveled for a time underwater, leaving the ocean at a random location. It found its target ten miles outside of Lima, destroying it.

"You know Asia will think it was South America," Yipyo told Altea.

"Yes," Altea acknowledged with a sigh. "And, I also know that we aren't fast enough to stop them all."



The End

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