Arnold Wu: Preperations

Arnold Wu sat at his desk, facing a line of officials that went straught out the door to his office. As each man or woman stepped up, he gave them an order, and then they dashed away.

"Bingwen, how many soliders are en route to South America?"

"Currently, Sir? About 6 million. Roughly 1.3 million can be mustered to that front at a moments notice in addition, be that nessecary."

"Good. Tell their generals to split into three columns: one to cut off central america, one to come up from the tip of the continent towards the center, and on to hit the Brazillian quarter. Tell them to stay three hundred miles off the coast, though, and then launch missles everywhere important."


"Ahhh, good to see you again, Fudo, my son. I trust your moon expidition went well?"

"I apoligize, father, but it was not as complete a sucess as we could have wished for. Although the subjects were released, the Moon put itself into complete lockdown when we came. Though they were distrustfull, we left as positive an image as we could."

"You have done as best you could in such a situation. The Moonies should be discovering their systems have been destroyed, hacked, and loaded with viruses right about now, right?"

"Yes, father."

"Wonderful. Now, go see your family."

"Sir! My name is officer Zaedong, and I will be representing the Minister of intelligence today, Sir!"

"Well, Mr. Zaedong, I want you to switch trainig proceedure to emergency speed. I also hereby authorize the drafting of 500,000 new recruits for your agency. Put everyone you can out in the field- find every spy within our borders!"

"Yes, Sir1"

"Oh, and, officer? Find the representative for the ministry of Homeland Security, and give him the exact same orders I gave you: 500,000 new men, full alert, speed-trainig."


Another person aproached, and Arnold spoke once more. Farming, European invasion, spy networks, trade, allies, potential threats, cabinet meeting at 3.... Sometimes, he wished he was still a solider.

The End

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