Lerato Mbeki; Africa

We almost marched down the corridor as the minister for war handed me paper after paper with endless rows of numbers on them.

'As I am sure you are aware Ma'am we are already substantially behind in the arms race.  Asia in particular are a major threat as they have a large missile base and are not trying to hide their miliary strength.'

'It is not Asia I'm worried about.  When you openly flaunt your weapons then you are usually trying to hide a weakness.  I need someone to find Asia's weakness, there has to be something they don't want known.' 

Doors opened in front of me and I walked into the offices of the war office.  Everyone stood up, flustered and mumbling as I passed them.  'I also want intel on every other country.  Use our spy network, we have to find out what everyone else has by any means necassary.  If you don't know what you're fighting against then you are certain to lose.'

I sat down at the main computer terminal and began typing away searching our weapons base.  'So is it possible for us to catch up?'  I looked at the stats that were filling the screen in front of me.

'It's hard to say at this precise moment Ma'am.  There hasn't been a lot of focus on producing new technologies or weapons which means everyone is far more progressed than us.'  I sat back in my chair twisting the ends of my hair between my fingers.

'I think we may have to find other methods of getting the weapons we want.'

'What do you mean Ma'am?'

'I mean we are not militarily strong enough to take on anyone at the moment.  We'll have to think of a different plan of attack.'

The End

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