Galaxa Luna, Space


"My Lady" Tiya shouts running after me to the main tower. I go straight to the top. Harris turns to see me bowing.

"My Lady, several countries are asking for an allience" Harris says.

I curse looking at the map on the screen. Several countries are moving. "Cut this softwear off limits" I say. "What is everyone doing?"

I shake my head. "Oh, and My Lady. There has been a soft of problem on lower deck of the main dome. Officials are asking to dock" Harris informs.

"Lower it and allow them but not the high dock" I say my head. "Cut off all transport links down to lower dock when we have our men and women out"

I turn to Tiya who looks sympathetic. "Whats next?" I ask. He pulls out his organiser and flicks through it.

"The Store section My Lady" Tiya says looking worried. "We have several weapon requests"

I curse and take the elevator down. The store dome is one of the five domes off the main dome connected by tunnels...... Not too long.

I jump onto my bike as we reach the tunnel. Tiya jumps on the back then I set off avoiding people and other vehicles.

I reach the dome and the Orderer is waiting. "Africa is asking for many weapons My Lady..... Quite a lot"

"Count out" I say as we walk to the send out post.  The Orderer tells me the shipment and I gasp. "WHAT?!?"

"Yes My Lady" he says.

"We can't get away with that..." I bite my lip. "Send a quarter of the amount of any orders put it and send them by a computer pod"

"Yes My Lady"

This day is just getting worse.

The End

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