Belen Lucero - Good Fortune

I knew there was no way Carlos could have made it to the space station already, and was therefore immediately worried when the computer's voice announced an incoming call from him.

"Carlos, is something wrong?"

"No senorita," he replied coolly.  I breathed a quiet sigh of relief.  "I have good news."

"What is it?"

"It seems that fortune smiles upon us.  By sheer luck I happened across the transport than was carrying Drew Martz down to earth.  I had a short conversation with him, and he is interested in a treaty, but he will negotiate only with you directly.  He will be in North America for the next few days, so I suggest finding sometime to contact him during his stay."  He was proud of himself, I could tell.

I couldn't help but smile broadly.  "Well done Carlos!  I knew I could count on you.  Let us hope that this good fortune continues.  Did you tell him anything about the Akio Turbine plans?"

"No senorita."

"Good, if we offer him that technology in return for his alliance, I am certain he will join our side, and Asia will be in dire straights.  Continue on your course to the station, as that will be the safest place for now."

"Si senorita."

I turned to another screen to plan my meeting with Drew.  Clearly, a negotiation as important as this would have to be done in person, and though I would have preferred not to leave at a time like this, I needed to get him on my side ASAP.  Well, a short visit to North America was in order.  I contacted the officials there and scheduled into Drew's agenda a fully confidential meeting in Arizona.  My operatives would let me know if there was any chance that the situation would pose a threat of any sort to my safety or informational security.

Fortune seemed to be favoring us indeed.

The End

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