Drew: Shuttle

" Sir!" A young voice interupted my thought as I read a full report about Brians death. So far the enemy couldn't be us because the weapons used where gun powedered, and ours well are different, from what I remembered we have the projectile flasheated vaporizing it too the core the gas made shoots it out the barrel and flys true into its target. The bang is then heard 4 seconds later. This weapon was made for opearating in space but is highly efficent on ground.

" Yeah." I respond.

" The north american shuttle its ours. They want us to pick it up along with your personal arrival. They won't allow us to take it without your presence." 

" ugh. I see no other choice." I say, " Get me my combat suit, and my gun, tell the hangar 15 we are mobilizizing two squadrons, the prime ministers ship along with the sky breaker squadron." I said.

Only half an hour later I stan on deck dressed like a admiral except a bit of space marine added, I wore armour , and carried one of the finest guns the world has seen. I step into a large transport ship with enough armour to fly near the sun , and enough fire power to make Hiroshima seem insignifagant. Not saying this thing has nuclear bombs but could make several citys not exist in about the same time a atomic bomb can wipe out a city.

the small armada of ships takes off and leaves the protective barrier of the moon and as soon as we do our communications are barraged by many countries trying to get on the same page on my current actions.

" Sir a ship is on intercept, should we shoot it down?"

" No.I want a visual."

The vessel showed up on screen it was a drug runner , relatively harmless to us, and I could tell by a few distinctive facts it was south americain. 

" They are trying to get through to us."

"I'm curiouse, drugrunners don't willingly fly towards the jaws of death. Open up a secure link."

" A message from the leader of south america." A guy says then suddenly  the screen fills with Belen Lucero.

" Drew Martz , I hope to be totally open,and honest with you. We have an enemy in common. I am sending to you my closest advisor to negotiate the terms of a secret treaty. Please consider this option, and respect the secrecy of these negotations. Thank you for your time!" Her image disapears.

Damm actual politicains make me nervouse, I don't have the huge vocabulary or the actual manners, it doesn't help I come from a background of killing people either, and that has always surprised me cause the colony at least most of it trust me and has no interest in removing me. The guys faces come across the screen.

" Come aboard I have no interest discussing these matters over the radiowaves."

" Gracias."

In about 10 minutes I sit in a room with the man just me him and and a gun, he didn't look to scared.

" What i'm going to tell you I want you to only tell your leader, and only tell you leader make sure she is the only one who knows. Unstood?" I say, he shakes  his head," Good. shortly after the arrival of asia # 1 my chief military officer was killed and his hippocampus removed. So I locked the moon down, there is a slight possibilty it was one of our own, but chances are its an operative since the weapon use cannot be found on the moon. Tell Belen I would perfer not to go through you with these treaties. I'm going to be in northa america a few days, we could perhaps organize something under the noses of Asia and North America, or maybe all three of us under the nose of Asia. Anyways please get this information across secretely if Asia finds out what happened I'm sure a war much worse than world war 2 will break out. If not it has already."

He leaves hardly saying a word to me, and moments later I land in the middle of what used to be called the united states, in a large hangar with a shuttle large enough to bring enough food and supplies to lat about 75 million people 2 years.  I step off the ship the officials meeting us.

" Drew what the hell is going on up there?"

" I can't say lately my trust here has been shakey due to cutting us off , and leaving us to suffocate , and not giving us the only vessel big enough to bring a filter over. So right now the people of the moon, do not feel it neccesary we tell you, but I can tell you this, Asia may be a threat to our well being, that is all. I wish to say for now." 

" For now that is good enough but we want a proper response before you leave."

" Or what?"

" We have our ways."

" don't make any enemy of yourself, I know you guys don't have the money right not to afford a war and to feed your people, thats why you cut us off even though the profits were starting to come you couldn't aford the trips to get your profits." 

"That wasn't our intention.we mean no harm or threat"

" Good, but it sure sounded like a threat. Anyways to the paperwork." I say leading them down the hall to the long and boring process.  I was going to have to eventually tell them.

The End

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