Belen Lucero - Half Bluff

As soon as the line was disconnected I let out an extended and heartfelt sigh of relief. He had bought my bluff.  Well, it was really only a half bluff.  Moments before placing the call, I had received intell from my spy network on the Asian troop movement that had indicated only a relatively small portion being siphoned off for the destruction of my homeland.  There was a buzz of motion and preparation amongst the other, larger portion of the troops as well, but where they were destined was beyond me.  It was probable that Asia was preparing to assault Europe, but as of yet I had no definite evidence.

There were still so many questions.  Would the combined forces of South America and Europe be enough to stop Asia's advances?  Clearly, even together we could not win the war.  But we would be able to inflict some pretty severe damage, leaving Asia vulnerable to be attacked by some other nation, and Wu might not be willing to take that risk.  Would they use nuclear force?  Probably not.  Years of scientific research had shown us just how unstable the earth's crust really is, and any larger scale nuclear assault could put the entire earth in grave danger.  Would other countries join us?  Perhaps Africa.  They could use and ally, and they might see taking a stand against Asia an opportunity to propel themselves into the international scene.  The moon was no friend of Asia's, but they might be too isolationist to take such an aggressive stance.  And with the others there was no telling.  Would I share the Akio Turbine plans?  Why not.  Right now Asia having the only use of this device put us all in danger.  I did not fully trust Europe, but even if they were playing me, my homeland is earth-based and we do very little space travel besides using small skiffs and drug runners that can escape unnoticed, and therefore this new technology was no danger to me.

I could sit and ponder these questions for hours, but now was the time for action.  I sent Carlos a quick message letting Carlos know if this knew development, and continued to attempt to contact the other world leaders.

The End

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