Kari Machiavelli - "We're in this together..."

Consequentially, Kari was half an hour away from launch time when the intercom beside him beeped.  He pushed the button and spoke.  "Si?'  

"Belen Lucero of South America on line one, Senora."  The voice said, tonelessly.

Kari's heart dropped to his stomach.  Did someone rat us out?  What's going on?  Why would that Spanish woman want to talk to me?  Thoughts ran through his mind rampantly.

The only way to figure it out was to talk to him.  He turned on the television and pressed the button labeled 'Line One'.  The screen buzzed to life, revealing a hispanic woman.

"Hello, Kari."  The woman said, smiling.  

"Hola, Senorita."  Kari said, struggling to regain his composure.  "Let's get to the point, what do you want?"

She chuckled softly.  "Come on Kari, have patience."  Belen picked at her fingernails, idly.  "You climbed to the top very quickly.  I am impressed."

"I'm launching a shuttle in thirty minutes, Belen."  He snapped.  "Look, i'm sorry if I come off harsh, but there's a lot of stuff going on right now."  

Belen nodded and smiled.  "I will get to the point.  We've both had troubles with Asia lately, and neither of us are very excited about facing her wrath alone."

Kari remained still, showing no sign of agreement or otherwise, so Belen continued.

"Lately, someone has been trying to frame my country for illegal acts of espionage, which I promise I have not done.  Soon we might have an all-out war on our hands between us."

"How does this involve me?  If you're asking for help, I doubt it would be a very good idea to gang up with somebody who is on that continent's bad side."  Kari said.

For a moment, there was silence.  The grin on Belen's face was gone.  "For your information, Asia has Europe locked in its line of fire.  Your country is about to be exterminated."

Kari stood there dumbfounded, and lost all sense of control.  The pen he had been holding in his hand dropped to the ground and clattered against the marble floor.  He didn't hear this though, for his mind was on standby.  Everything passed by slowly, even the ticking of the clock seemed to go through a decrescendo.  

Eventually, he shook his head violently and looked Belen straight in the eyes.  "I understand.  We are an alliance now, Senorita."

Belen smiled widely.  "Glad you came to your senses, compadre." 

The End

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