Belen Lucero - Panic

I could feel the panic rising inside of me.

"PUTA!"  I screamed as I hurled my chair across the room where it smashed into one of the smaller 70 inch displays.

I stared at the wreckage, as if I was somehow shocked that such destruction had come from my hands.  The panic had been starting to drain away until a little voice somewhere inside of me peeped up, "And that is what South America will look like after Wu is done with you..."

"Chinga Wu, chinga la madre de Wu, chinga la pais de Wu!"

My expletive was poorly timed, and the poor technician who had just entered 'the lair' as they called my personal offices, began to back out of the room.

"Perdoname senor.  Come clean this mess up, and please, lets just keep this little outburst between the two of us."

The last thing I wanted was for the people to go into a panic.  They couldn't know Asia was coming, not yet.  Not until I could convince them that we could win.  So much for playing both sides.  President Wu was being rash and unreasonable, and I simply cannot work with such people.  The com unit crackled to life.

"Senorita Lucero, there is a call for you from Carlos Limon.  He says its urgent."

"Put him through."

"Senorita Lucero, the moon is in complete lockdown.  There will be no way I can get onto the planet, much less into contact with Drew directly."

I nodded.  "And Asia just wont listen to reason either.  I want you to change course and head for the space station.  You and the plans will be safe there in neutral territory."  I wasn't sure at this point which I wanted to stay safe more, the plans or the man.  "Once there, keep the fact that you have the plans a complete secret.  I am going to offer the Akio Turbine plans in return for an alliance against Asia to all the world leaders."  If we could get some allies, Africa perhaps, or Europe, maybe then we could survive the coming onslaught.  "You must do whatever necessary to stay in Luna's favor, and you cannot let her know that you have the plans or she will not offer you sanctum.  Entiendes?"

"Si senortita."

"Good.  Contact me upon your arrival."

I turned around and realized that the technician was still in the room, and had obviously heard every word.  The next thing I knew my gun was in my hand and he was lying dead on the floor.  I don't even remember pulling the trigger.  As a spy myself I had quickly learned to never trust anyone, but his had gone past simple distrust.  This was paranoia.  I couldn't take my eyes of the body.  That man had a family somewhere.  I began to cry.  He had come to work that morning expecting it to be just a normal day.  Then, in the blink of an eye, he was on the floor in a pool of his own blood.  I couldn't help but sympathize with him.  I had entered come to work this morning expecting it to be a normal day.  And now, after the events of the today, I could almost see my country lying in ruins.  NO!  I was stronger than this!  I immediately called in the cleanup crew, then went to send alliance offers to world.  Alliance offers, hah!  More like a cry for help.  Yet I had some small glimmer of hope.  Perhaps Asia was not on top of the world after all.  Clearly, my country had not been responsible for the attempt on the president's life, nor for actually stealing the plans.  But that means that someone was... someone out there was screwing with Asia and they were powerful.  Perhaps, in my day of dire need, they would help me...

The End

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