Arnold Wu: Awakening

"Tang?... Tang? what I am doing here?" "Sir, we found you unconcious in halway 19-"

Arnold rounded the final corner of hallway 19, about to check up on his E-mail during a lull in the inerrogation process. Instead of a room filled with buzzing but ungaurded computer terminals, he found the rrom strangely silent. His eyes fell on two... two South Americans! One raised a weapon, and pulled the trigger. Nothing seemed to happen, but then he was here...

The aide looked at him quizzically, and President Wu cursed under his breath. "Those South Americans... They were doing something to the computer terminal! And it was them that shot me! Tang, get me someone from Intelligence." "Yessir!" ".. Oh, and Tang: where's the prisoner?" Looking guilty, the man shuffled out quickly, as if he hadn't heard.


Sir Fudo, heir to the presidency of Asia, was verging on tears. Everything his father had worked for, all those hours of carefull calebration and planning, it was all just falling apart. He had recived word just recently from the presidential compound that his father was in an unexplained unconciousness, and now the idiot moonies were going into full lockdown before Asia could establish itself.

"Please, sir, our only intention in coming up here was to help you! Act rationally, and let us unload, so that we can undergo civilised talks. Please!"

"We're sorry, you have been clssified as a national threat. Please leave Lunar airspace immediately, or we shall be forced to destroy you. Thank you."

"Well... please note that our only intention in this trip was to nuture and support this fine nation, and to create a route of trade from which we both could benefit, so that the moon can truly become independent and powerful. To avoid a confict, we will leave. But please, consider our appeal before doing something rash against Asia."


Fudo shut off the comlink, and ordered the ballons, with their subjects inside, to be relased in the shape of the universal peace symbol when they took off.


Arnold Wu, now completely awake, was steaming. In a futile attempt to calm himself down, he was going through his email with an intelligence officer standing nearbye. As he deleted message after message, a scentence was repeated through clenched teeth- "How... did... the.... prisoner... escape.... South... America... must... fall..." on the tenth repetition of "prisoner", the officer told him to stop for a moment. "Sir, that message is from South America! It would be best if intelligence took care of it." "Fine. Why would I want to hear from them, anyway"

Arnold got up from the lab chair and proceeded out to conference room 6 for an emergency meeting with his cabinet. Once there, it was quickly discovered that they all agreed on one thing: destroy South America. There was some division on the issue of exactly how much of what kind of force to use would be best, but the president and most military advisors agreed that not using nuclear force was nessecary. The invasion, then, fell to soliders and less destructive missles. They also agreed that fewer men should be sent into South America than would be otherwise so that attacks upon Asian soil could be repelled and so that the invasion of Europe could proceed as planned.

The only problem, then, was how to convince the people.

The End

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