Lerato Mbeki; Africa

'I'm very sorry Ma'am but Miss Luna cannot take your call right now.'  The man on the other end of the video link looked slightly nervous.  My reputation for determination and always getting what I wanted had obviously spread beyond my own country.

'And what is so important that she cannot make some time to speak to me?'

'I'm afraid I cannot give you that information.'  I began running my hands through my hair, thinking.

'Well, when Galaxa isn't so busy tell her this.  The Earth is falling in chaos and war is imenent.  Galaxa might think she is untouchable up in her spacestation but believe me when I say that no-one is safe.  If she wants to survive then she cannot afford to make enemies on land.  I can help her with that.  Do you understand?'

'Yes Miss Mbeki.'

'Good, then let her know that.'  I cut off the connection and the screen went black.  I collapsed back in my chair, letting out a massive sigh.'

'What is it?'  Tefari took the chair next to me, a look of concern on his face.

'I think we're too late.'

'What do you mean 'too late'?'

'The big countries are destroying each other and we have on-one who will ally with us.  Asia is moving in on Europe and launching rockets into space to take the moon.  Africa will be crushed if we can't find another country to support us.'

'Who says you need another country to support you?  Lerato you have pulled this country out of it's worst period in history.  You have made sure every child gets an education where before only the rich could afford to.  You have made a health service where everyone can get treatment, no matter what their background.  You've done all that without any help, surely taking your place on the global stage isn't going to be too hard.'  I thought about it and a smile spread across my face.

'Get me the minister for war, we need to start planning our first move.'

The End

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