Galaxa Luna, Space

My pager beeps. I sigh and press the button. "Look Galaxa. We need to talk" Cloudia says.

"I just got page... I will be back in half an hour, an hour tops" I say. I run out of the room Tiya coming out to join me. "Watch them" I tell him. He nods and goes back into the house.

I make my way to the main tower which is the supporting beam of the main dome. I take the lift and step out. "What is it? I have guests" I shout at my operatives.

"My Lady, war's breaking out everywhere" one of my operatives tell me.

"What's your name?" I ask turning on the operative.

"Harris, My Lady" He says with a bow.

"Okay, Harris. Shut down all military landing bays and turn away any goverment ships that I do not give access. That being the Sky and Moon people. Put all sattelites back up but shut down any links to contact us" I tell him.

He nods then delivers my orders to the right sections. I sigh and turn back to the elevator.

"There's a call incoming in My Lady" Harris calls.

"Give them my appologies but I am not communicating with earth" I say stepping into the elevator and turning to smile before the doors close.

I run from the main tower heading back to my house where Cloudia, Tiya and Calda are all sitting playing..... poker?!?

I shake my head then turn to Cloudia. "You should get back to your land... well Sky. War's breaking out on earth" I tell her.

She nods and gets up. "We'll catch up another time" Then with that she and Calda walk out. Calda I notice gives Tiya a peck on the cheek before running out.

I look at him raising an eyebrow and he blushes.

The End

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