Belen Lucero - Playing Both Sides

Things were bad.  We had gotten the Akio Turbine plans in what had seemed like a clean swipe.  That was before I read the actual first-hand report sent in by the spy responsible for stealing the plans.  He couldn't remember any of what happened!  He had no recollection of finding or taking the plans, no remembrance of the return journey, nothing.  And somehow, according to some inside sources, the Asian government not only knew we had the plans, but was blaming South America for the mysterious collapse of President Wu!  There are very few things I dislike more than not seeing the full picture, but despite my vast intelligence networks I had no idea what had happened.

Now I was on the defensive, the place no one wants to be.  Asia, one of the most advanced countries in the world was out for my head, and all I had for a bargaining chip was some stupid plans for a turbine we couldn't even make!

Oh well.  So much for making a profit here.  "Carlos, ven aqui.  I have a very special mission for you," I spoke into the microphone.  Within less than a minute he was standing before me, looking handsome and loyal as always.  "You will be boarding one of our outfitted drug runners and headed for the moon in exactly half an hour, in a state of extreme secrecy.  Your mission isn't simple, and you cannot fail in this: I need you to plant the plans for the Akio Turbine in the possession of Drew Martz without his knowledge.  You will also be negotiating the terms of a secret alliance with his people against Asia.  Entiendes?"

His "Si senorita," was just slightly slower than usual.  Perhaps I am asking to much of him?  But there is no one else I can trust.

"I place my full confidence in you, Carlos.  Don't let me down."

His usual calm and composure had returned.  "You can count on me, senorita Lucero."  He then turned and walked quickly out the door to go and grab some belongings.

I turned to the computer and thought for a minute before unbuttoning my blouse a little lower, brushing my long black hair to one side, and starting the video recording software.

"Presidente Wu, I wish to be straight and clear with you." I crossed my arms and flexed to make my breasts even more prominent.  This would never work unless he was at least somewhat distracted.  "Neither the attempt on your life nor the unlawful theft of your country's intellectual property were perpetrated by the CAL (Coalicion de America Latina).  Hopefully a man of your intelligence can clearly see that we here have neither the means of committing such heinous crimes, but more importantly we lack the motivation.  We highly value our diplomatic relations with Asia, and hope that this will not hurt our current relationship."  Then adopting my most flirty and suggestive tone, "I look forward to meeting you in person soon."

After watching it to assure it was satisfactory, I sent it off and immediately began anew.

"Drew Martz, I hope to be totally open and honest with you.  We have and enemy in common.  I am sending to you my closest advisor to negotiate the terms of a secret treaty.  Please consider this option, and respect the secrecy of these negotiations.  Thank you for your time!"

Yes, of course I was playing both sides.  That is what I do best.

The End

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