Drew: An opinion

"So Drew, what do you want?"

" An opinion, and you of the wisest people fit the bill. ASIA 1 has landed on the moon, My military nearly destroyed the vessel, but with some diplomatic help, its all sorted. But I can't help but feel like, the world has its eyes's on us. A couple of people from North america are telling me I should go into lockdown. I almost agree but that would also mean I have to show off what I can do, and trust me its not pretty.I just need your opinion what should I do? Because my people don't want to be in harms way or being assimilated into a culture they do not want to take part in?" I say hoping I could find a way around fighting for the time being.

because honestly the test show if I fired my ultimate weapon I could very well start a rector 11 scaled earthquake killing earth, or it could shoot and look like I have a tiny squirt gun which then means, I'm done for. Either way killing earth would be bad, and getting killed is bad.

" Ha, ha, Drew I doubt you even have a anti aircraft canon on your little colony." Cloudia says.

" There isn't air on the moon, there is no need for anti air weapons but more like anti ..."

" Sir, Brian is dead!" My stupid  com goes off.

" It loooks like I have no other choice now."I mutter , Luna looked shocked.

" Don't just assume that he was murdered by a competitore!"

" It doesn't matter if he was murdered by a competitore or one of my own. The fact is my top millitary man is dead, and in such a time its suspicouse. If Asia or anyone else even aims a small canon at me. I will respond in brutal force until , I am assured that no one wants a piece of me or the moon."

" In the past Violence has solved nothing." She says. I turn around.

" I'm out of options, one of the most powerful nations, one with big abitions, and technology, has its eyes on me. And as nice as they may sound, I don't trust them. The only ones I trust is you, and the north americains, and I can hardly trust them because they nearly suffocated me with there latest manueover. But I know if I start going up in arms so will they. If you can tell me a way around this then please do." I say quickly , we were both standing rather close, both angry at the other.

I turn around and Cloudia snickered, " Not so tough now Drew? You've got your tail between your legs." The door closes, there was no point in responding to that.


After looking at brains dead body, which was surrounded by blood, and was full of holes, and for  a very worrying reason a partial surgical hole in his head, and the memory part of his brain missing. Good thing as soon as part of his brain was removed the computer went into lockdown and the only code that could access it was in my head, and it was a code that I had made up, and only one other person knows the type of code I use, but I refused to even think of their Identity.

" Sir what now?"

" I'm taking over the millitary General Tayne and my vice president will be my succesors say I fall ill or die. After I gain control by changing the codes. Then we shall commence with a immediate lockdown, and a code red.

I put the code in the first code deleting the original, then I put in the second one which opened the programming slot. something slides out of the way and a port is revealed, I untie my boots and take the souls off revealing the new codes. It downloads less than a millisecond and new topsecrete codes that only I know are now controlling the whole entire colony. 

" Lock down, and code red. Give a verbal warning in all languages, one warning shot, then kill, if they want to talk alert me, until I have chosen trustworthy officials who shall organize the threat."

I looked out the window a shield begins to rise and cover the whole entire colony, large never before seen canons emerge from the ground.  This may be a little over reactive but I would rather be safe then sorry.

" ASIA 1 wishes to speak with us, sir."

" Tell asia# 1 I will make everything clearer, on a global announcement, Also while on the subject I want a read out of all asia#1 actions."

" Sir , they don't like having weapons being trained on them."

" I don't give a crap." another starts speaking.

" The shield is picking up something we are being scanned."

" Is it coming through the sheild or reading the shield."

" No not yet. Should we  destroy source?" Another one starts talking

" The north american want to talk to you Sir."

" Hang on! No contact the source, Tell them to stop effective immediately or be destroyed."

"Its Asia#1." Crap they wanted the story now, and I wasn't willing to tell them of my loss in case it shows we have taken a brutal blow.

" Just tell them right now we sense there is a threat. If they keep prying jam there communications array."

The End

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