Atlantis: How will things play out?

Councilor Jiltea entered the inner office of Chief Altea. "I believe, Madam, our mission was a success."

"Mostly," Altea replied. "Have you read the recent news feed?"

"No, why?"

Altea touched a round button on her desk, and a screen on the wall showed the news feed, a list of local events and international concerns of late. Altea scrolled down to one story in particular and zoomed in on the image.

The headline was "President Wu of the land nation of Asia was stunned today." Jiltea smiled at the pun, but Altea didn't find it funny.

"Who do you think Asia is going to blame?"

Jiltea became serious quickly. "South America."

"And, who will win when they go to war?"

"Isn't that what we wanted?" Jiltea asked, choosing not to answer an obvious question.

"Not exactly," Altea said as she turned off the news feed. "Our intention was to deliver the engine to all of the nations in the hopes of preventing further conflict. A secret international world peace give away. I don't think that matters now. There will be war no matter what."

"What are we going to do?"

"We will wait for now and see how this plays out. We may need to act again."

The End

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