Arnold Wu: Receiving End

"Ohhh SH*T", said one solider a bit to loudly. Because the president was deeply interested in the South American, he had equiped himself just like a gaurd would. In fact, there was no way to differentiate him from any other gaurd, except that every man in the Presidential compound had seen his face a milion times and knew it's every feature by heart. This "gaurd" slumped on the floor of hallway 19 at the entrance to command center, was the undisputed leader of the world's largest landmass. Hearing the curse, an officer came over to correct the man, but then he, too, saw the limp body. "Is.. is he dead?" asked the officer. Another solider came rushing over with a small first aid kit, knelt down beside Mr. Wu, and took his pulse. "Why... I know this sounds impossible, but he's completely fine!"

The End

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