Atlantis: Two birds with one stone

"Madam Altea." The voice of the Chief's assistant came over the intercom.


"There is a councilor here to speak with you."

"Send the councilor in."

Councilor Jiltea entered the small office, bowing in the traditional way. "Pardon the interruption, Chief Altea."

"No worries. Have a seat. What can I do for you?"

"Our plans to leak information may be upon us. A spy from the land of South America has been captured by the land of Asia. The spy was trying to do what we are going to do."

Altea smiled. "We will kill two birds with one stone. Send your best agents."


Agents Bunko and Yipyo (cousin to Councilor Yipyo) stepped onto the soil of Asia. They were dressed as a South American would be. Their complexion had been altered to appear to be from the same area of the Earth.

With weapons way beyond the technology of either Asia or South America, they made their way to the location of the secret plans. They tried not to be seen, but they weren't super worried about it, either.

While wirelessly uploading the plans to a small computer device, Bunko jokes, "You know, we could have done this from miles away."

"I know," Yipyo replies, laughing himself. "But, how could we blame South America?"

A guard comes around the corner with a gun. Yipyo fires his own weapon, stunning the guard with a beam of condensed invisible light, similar to a laser but fine tuned not to hurt or be seen. The guard slumps to the floor, unconscious.

"There," Yipyo reported. "Our work is done. We have the plans, and the story this guard will tell will seal the deal."

On their way out of the complex, they released the spy from South America. They placed the plans of the engine on a different computer device that was copied from a South American version. They put this device in the pocket of the spy.

The spy is drugged so as not to wake up. He is transported to the shore of the country that use to be named Brazil. (Now, it is just a district of South America.)

The End

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