Arnold Wu: South American Spy

President Wu was only just awakening from a deep sleep when the tv rang*. He mumbled something about not wanting to go to school, and was just about to turn it off when his caller butted in, rather breathless. "Sir, this is your assistant speaking. I apologize for waking you so early, but your Minister of Homeland Security said that it was vital. he requests your presence in the great hall immediately. Interested, Mr. Wu forced himself to get.up. He pulled on a suit, slipped into a pair of bearskin moccasins, and trotted out to meet his Minister.

Upon arriving, he found a truly unexpected sight. Around theperimiters of the hall, armed drones and security officers stood or kneeled , wepons pointed at a small tank filled with an orange gas. At the bottom of the tank lay a Hispanic man, probably in his mid to late 20s. His clothes were all grey, ripped badly, and chared in several places. Beside his leg, a pool of bllod had formed and was congealing. Mr. Wu was shocked. "You... you imecile! You got me out of bed before the sun came uo to see an illegal immigrant** or something? While your at it, why don't you just bring in every god- forsaken person that gets a parking ticket? How about that?" the man remained calm, and began an explaination: "Sir, I understand that this scumbag may not look like much to you, but he was caught red- handed attempting to upload files about the Asia #1 launch, specifically it's engine. He is, at the very least, a traitor. At the worst, he is a spy and has given a national secret away. We, from what appears to be his ethnicity, suspect South America's hand in this."

The president of Asia pulled out a rather large pocket knife, flicked it open, and told the gaurds to let him into the prisoner's tank. They did as they were ordered, and Arnold strode confidently into it. A few men proceeded in behind him. Before the man could awake natrually, Mr. Wu gave him a small cut on the wrist, the man moaned in pain and rolled over. As soon as he saw the gaurds, he was awake. Just as quickly, Arnold put the knife to the man's Jugular, and wispered in his ear that he really would hate to see those gaurds working overtime to clean up all the blood that would be in the tank if he killed the spy. "No habla inglez, Senor." The knife came a little closer. "Ok, Ok, I'll talk. Please, let me live!"

At a signal from the Minister, gaurds came in and dragged the man away. This would be settled elsewhere.

*In the future, TVs have full wireless, internet, and telephone capabilities.

** Not trying to be racist, I'm just saying- it's homeland security, and spanish people usually have to immigrate if they want to get to Asia, right?

The End

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