The Council of Atlantis

Altea peered at her constituents with a straight face, trying to show no emotion. Eventually, she decided to start the meeting. 

"Is everyone aware of why we are here?"

Councilor Galtoy was the first to speak after confused looks from everyone. "We only know what you tell us."

Altea smiled and nodded. This was true, and she had kept her mouth shut. "Well, everyone will hear it from me, then. The time of our dormancy could be over."

This statement caused a loud uproar, for it was common knowledge that the Law of Dormancy had been in effect for more than two thousand years. Altea allowed the uproar to play out. Eventually, it died away, and she continued with a gesture that guaranteed she would not be interrupted again.

"The last time we had this discussion was when they created the atomic bomb. Thankfully, we didn't have to interfere. Well, the land dwellers have made another advancement, one that worries me a little more than the previous. One of their nations has created an engine that allows them to get to the moon in twelve hours.

"The moon doesn't concern us, but the fact that they have created this advanced engine concerns us a great deal. And, the fact that only one nation has this engine worries me even more. I have convened this council to discuss what we should do."

Councilor Galtoy was recognized first. "Chief Altea, may I assume that we are discussing lifting the Law of Dormancy?"

"That is one possibility but not the only one. Councilor Jiltea, you are next."

"Should we destroy them?"

"Even if all of them combine their forces, they would most likely be unable to find our city, but even if they did, we would prevail. I am not worried about our survival at this present time. I do not wish to use force. Councilor Galtoy, please."

"At what point would you be concerned with our survival?"

"This engine is a step, a vital one, but not the last one. I can not give you a time because I do not know when they will discover the other things in which to destroy us. I do not think they will do it in my lifetime, and I should live another 80 years or so. But, that isn't a reason to sit and wait. There are very few of us, and that is our greatest weakness."

Altea motioned for Councilor Yipyo to speak. "How about non lethal sabotage?" 

"Please elaborate."

"Since only one nation has this engine, we should destroy the engine and any records of its existence."

Councilor Jiltea had a response to this idea. "I think it unlikely that we would be able to guarantee the success of the mission. Our technology may be great, but I think they would simply create the engine again. We would only be delaying the end result."

Attention returned to Altea. "I believe you are correct, Councilor Jiltea. Please, speak Councilor Yipyo."

"What if we give the engine to everyone else?"

The room was silent for a long moment until Altea said, "I think it has been decided."


The End

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