Belen Lucero - The Plans

"Puta, puta, puta," I cursed under my breath while reading the report.

"Senorita?" Carlos put forward cautiously.

"Chinga tu madre!" I shouted at him, my eyes never once leaving the screen in front of me.

Upon finishing the report I sighed, and turned around.  "Lo siento Carlos.  I had no reason to be angry with you."

"We can't replicate it, can we?"

"Replicate it? Hah!"  It was a harsh laugh.  The laugh of despair.  "This technology is lightyears ahead of us! "

And it was.  Our spy network had operated to the tune of perfect; in less than half a day I had in my hands the complete plans for the top secret Akio Turbine.  Yet it was worthless to me.  We had nothing even close to the means by which to manufacture this marvel of engineering.  God must have some sense of humor.

Carlos put a hand on my shoulder.  It was large, heavy, and strong, but gentle, caring.  A touch I had rarely felt ever before in my life.  I knew he found me attractive: all men did.  But I had never really expected him to care about me...

I thought for a moment.  "We have only one choice.  Start sending out feelers for any interested parties.  Contact Machiavelli, Mbeki, Martz, and Skye, heck even see if Luna's interested.  Find someone who will buy the technology off of us, but keep it completely under the radar.  I want no possible links that could trace the ownership back to us.  Meanwhile, set a time with Wu's secretary for a video conference."

"Si senorita!"

Those were two words I loved to hear.  So the games had begun, the first dice were being rolled, and all I had to do is stay with the winning side.

The End

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