Lerato Mbeki; Africa

I shifted through the files on my desk trying to find the one piece of paper I wanted.  Everything was in such a mess, but that was the way I liked things, rooms that were immaculate scared me a bit.

Finally I found the paper I was looking for, a general outline of our spending for the past year.  When I had taken control of Africa nearly five years ago our economy had been in a mess.  We had been classed as a third world country with serious health, education and financial issues.  I had worked endlessly to bring our country out of those harsh times and it looked like we were there.

Now my main focus was joining the main players in global issues.  Our miliary was growing, almost at the stage to match that of most other developed countries, and my next step was to take part in the growing arms race that was taking over the face of politics.

There was a knock at the door.  'Enter.'  My secretary opened the door and walked to the carpet just in front of my desk.  'What is it this time?'

'The foreign secretary is here to see you, ma'am.'  I didn't look up from my desk while he spoke.

'Thank you Keto, send him in when he's ready.'  Footsteps went out of the room, the door closed silently behind him and a few moments later, more footsteps were heard coming back towards my office.

'The foreign secretary ma'am.'  Keto opened the door and Tafari, my closest friend and the man I had appointed as foreign secretary walked in.

'Ma'am.'  He bowed as was our custom before giving me a warm hug.  'How are you Lerato?  You work so hard, I never see you outside this room.'

'It comes with the job, after five years I think you would have learnt that.'  I smiled and sat back in my chair, motioning for Tafari to take the one opposite me.  'So what's your news?'

'We've had reports of communications being cut off between Europe and Space.  I need orders as to how we will proceed.'  I ran my hands through my thick black hair, rubbing the ends between my fingers.  The space station, ruled by Galaxa Luna, was one of our possible allies in a world of increasingly powerful countries.

'Set up a satellite link with Galaxa.  If we're going to make an alliance we need to do it now before we're cut off from global politics.'

Are you sure we're ready?'  Tafari looked concerned.  'If we push to hard now you could spoil all your hard work.'

'And if we don't take this step now then we might not have another chance.  You've read the reports coming in from our contacts in the major contries.  We are about to enter a period of war, there is no question about that.  We just need to make sure we're on the winning side.'

The End

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