Arnold Wu: Moon Landing

"It's what, 11?  Shouldn't the good folk of Asia #1 have checked in by now?" President Wu asked his Head Of Space Exploration. "Actually, Sir, you are just in time for their landing. I'm sorry for the worry this must have caused you, but we thought it would be aa pleasnt suprise to not just give you a travel update, but a moon landing. The team should make contact within the half- hour." "Irvana, you have truly done it again. To the moon in 12 hours. Who would have thought?" "Well, it all started with Jonson, one of our senior staff members, setting a challlenge to all the freshest graduates: Completely re- make the classic space vehcle's engine. Of course, we got many interesting ideas, but the best came from.." The creases on Mr. Wu's brow quickly dissapeared, to be replace by the countenance of a child on Christmas Eve. Doubtless, he was not so much interested in the innner workings of the Akio Turbine as he was in seeing the faces of his crew against a lunar backdrop.

Soon enough, a flickering light above the center of the room, and the sudden quieting of the low murmurs that had been  filling the silence of the great hall signalled an incoming transmition:

"Asia #1 to Omega Base, repeat, Asia #1 to Omega Base, do you copy? "The woman from HOSE began to reply, but Arnold gently wrested the mike away from her, and,  in a strong voice, replied "Yes, we copy. I see that you are at their main landing bay. Have the subjects been released yet,  Fudo?" "Not yet, sir. We plan to release them inside balloons, so that they can pop them and then land inconspiciously." "Good, good... Now, remember. We must look completely innocent to the Lunar peoples, so put on a good show of diplomacy now. Act as if you are now a Nana, and say you'll protect them in these rough times ahead. That way, when we blame this all on Europe, it will seem our duty to attack them. Go with my blessing, son." "Yesir! We will make you- and all of Asia- proud. If you will excuse me, father, I do need to speak with Mrs. Li about some scientific readings for a moment." "Of course, Fudo."

So the game begins.

The End

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