Kari Machiavelli - Stock market goes "Ouch."

As dusk set over the Vatican, Kari sat pecking away at her laptop in her new office.  Four hours after the meeting two days ago with Leonardo, the italian government insisted that she move her workspace to a more pleasant location.  Without a second thought, she had picked out an old church in Vatican City and had it converted to a government run, fully equipped laboratory. 

In the past two days, Kari Machiavelli went from a hardly-known scientist to world-renowned politician.  Although her ideas didn't settle too well with some people (mostly Americans and Asians), she was respected nonetheless.

She was in the middle of an email to the Prime Minister when there was a sharp rapping on his door.

"Entrare."  Kari said subconsciously.

Leonardo entered and walked over to Kari's desk.  He set a cup of black coffee beside his friend and sat down beside her. 

"Ah, Grazie."  Sighed Kari.  "I really need this."  Leonardo watched as his friend took a sip, and then pulled an iPad out of his jacket. 

"Bad news."  He said, placing it in a stand on the table.  Leonardo started maneuvering around the screen with nimble fingers.  Hesitating for a moment, he hovered over the console.  Then he stepped back and spoke plainly.  "Space has revoked their trading rights with us."  The screen showed stock charts, that, as if activated by his voice, spiraled downwards by the second.

Kari almost spit out her coffee.  Her face contorted wildly as if she was having a seizure, and then she pulled herself together and looked back at Leo.  "What the hell did we do?" 

Leonardo, remaining calm, shrugged.  "You know their leader.  The way she acts, you'd think she's bipolar."  He cringed a bit as the stock chart went even lower.  "Might have been some other power like Russia or Germany, but who knows.  It's affecting all of us, that's all I can tell.  Don't worry about it, though.  She'll probably be back on trade within a week." 

Unconvined, Kari pounded her fist onto the table.  Leonardo jumped slightly at this gesture.  "A week?"  Kari yelled.  "We're supposed to be done in a week!  Asia will have probably made some new stellar accomplishment in a week...  Hell, we could have a new pope in a week!"

Leo remained silent, obviously pondering ideas in his head.  Kari massaged her temples furiously, and mumbled curses under her breath.  After a moment, Kari sat up.  "Maybe it's time we took a new course of action."

The End

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