Cloudia Skye- The Sky

One moment I'm sat at my desk in Europe. The next all of the screens have blanked out. Every single sattellite communications screen I have. Great.

"What's happened to the satt-comm?" I ask Calda. She pushes her glasses up your nose and squints at the screen in front of her- the only non sattellite one.

"Galaxa Luna appears to have shut off all trading and sattellite links with Europe, Skye," she says.

"Damnit. Ever since I made that agreement with Luna to split my ownership over the heavens to give her space and leave myself with the sky... And then I lost the Moon to Drew Martz... She's pushing her luck there. Do we have any non satt-comm contacts?" I ask.

"Only the phone..."

"The phone will do."

Calda hands me a small mobile. I flip it up and find the contact Galaxa on it. I press call and wait.


"Galaxa, you're pushing your luck here. Turn the satt-comm for Europe back on. You owe me and you know it."

There is a lot of grumbling and a quiet pause. Then:

"Fine, Cloudia. But I owe you no more favours."

"Thank you. And I'm coming up there," I reply, snapping the phone shut.

"We're going up to see Luna. Lets get the hell out of here before she changes her mind," I say to Calda. She nods, a small smile spreading across her face- she prefers the sky to earth. I pull on my black jacket and slide a gun into the left inside pocket, then strap a dagger to my right ankle and put an old style taser in my back pocket for good measure. Well, you never know. Anything or anyone could be up there, and Luna is just about the only leader on or off earth who isn't always looking for a way to undermine me.

The End

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