Galaxa Luna, Space

"My Lady, How was your trip to Europe?" Tiya says running up to meet me as I step out of my space pod, make 9.

"Crap" I snap. "Shut down all trade and sattelite communications from europe" Tiya nods as he follows my quick set pace. My light brown hair with gold strands is tied back in a high ponytail.

"But My Lady, won't that cause war?" Tiya asks. I turn my icey blue eyes on him and he bows his head slightly.

"I've warned all those earth dwellers that if they threaten me or any other society. That I will cut off their trading. We are a neutral base, Tiya. I'm not changing that for Europe" I say turning back to head up the stairs to my house. I feel the hit of my gun against my thigh reasuring me I'm safe.

"Asia is heading for the moon by the way" Tiya mutters. I sigh.

"If anything gets serious. Anything fired cut off Asia's access. If it stops wait 24 hours without accident" I instruct. "God, what's happening? The whole earth seems to want to turn into a war zone"

I skip up the last steps. Then freeze. Guess whose standing outside my door. "Drew?" I say shocked.

He turns and smiles. "Hey Gal" he says,

"You shouldn't be here. Asia on your tail and I'm a neutral base" I say walking up the last steps and pass him. I press my code into the number pad and the door slides open.

He follows me inside as does Tiya the door closing behind him. Drew whistles. "Step up ain't ya" he says.

"Or you've stepped down" I say shaking my head. "You can't be here Drew"

"I can't be here as a person from the moon..... I can be here as a friend"

I sigh walking off into the kitchen. I pull different foods out of the fridge. Tiya sits at on of the stools at the table and then slowly Drew take's one himself.

"If this about one of the air filters can't do it" I say looking up at him.

Drew shakes his head. "Its not even if that would be nice"

"Then what of you doing here Drew and if its anything official you better get out of here lik your butts on fire"

The End

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