Belen Lucero - South America

"Senorita Lucero, we have just received some rather troubling intell: it seems that Asia is starting a land grab again."

"What is it this time?"

"The moon, it seems.  A state of the arc spacecraft under the name of ASIA #1 was spotted despite its cloaking measures just as it broke the sound barrier and passed out of the stratosphere."

Men like this were the reason we had the best intelligence network in the world.  Intelligent, prompt, concise, ambitious, and doggedly loyal, there was no one I would rather work with than Carlos Limon.  He had been with me and supported my rise to power eight years back as together we coalesced the scatted drug cartels and socialist terrorist cells into an organized and incredibly effective spy agency.  Not one happening could pass anywhere in human territory without my finding out.  Knowledge is power, and shortly after the phenomenal success of AIG  (Agencia de Informacion Global) I was able to manipulate my way into the top level of the Coalicion de America Latina (CAL) and eventually got myself appointed head of state.

"And what does our intell suggest the Lunar response will be?"

"We have some early reports indicating the high chance of a preliminary strike, but there's no telling how much this ASIA #1 is capable of.  For all we know, the ship itself could be a weapon capable of destroying the moon itself, and that is a risk the LMC just can't take."

"Puta," I cursed under my breath.  "It's too early."  He knew what I meant.  Our military was in shambles.  We had put together a top secret training program for special ops units, but besides this we had no standing military to speak of, no formal naval, air, or space warfare capabilities, and our economy was in the dumps. What we needed was just a jump start, a way to get into the race towards the top.

"I know that look on your face," he said.  "You're already making a plan."

"Claro que si."  I always had a plan.  They didn't call me La Araña for nothing.  Perhaps, perhaps this was our chance.  "I need every scrap of information we can dig up on this ASIA #1.  I want to know what it is, what its capable of, and every weakness its got.  Make this our top priority."

"Si senorita."

Yes, we had come a long way from the days when we were the world's slum, but now, now we had a chance at greatness, a chance I just couldn't pass by.

The End

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