Drew Martz: Already?!

" Prime minister Martz" My secetary says , urgently.

" Yes." I say weary of the constant calls, I haven't slept properly in the longest time.

" Chief of  defence , and attack wants to sit down with you and discuss something urgently!Sir"  The secretary by the ways is a military brat like most of the men and women on this moon, say for the civillian workers , and scientists.

" Alright , I'll be right there." I say tiredly steppinf into a Lunar pod that speedily takes me to the underground millitary bunker fortified to withstand humans most destructive weapons its a fortress of blast doors and supports along with a dangerouse arseanl of guns and A.B.B ( Antibot bots), and automated turrets along with robot soldier mixed with real men, there was more I was sure. I 'm lead to the what Brian likes to call the waroom.

" Prime minister , please take a seat."  He says, as holographic screen appears," Asia is sending a ship up here, no one other than asian military and certian members of there government know whats in there. " He says I see the ship taking off , it didn't look dangerouse but niether did we.

" So you want permission to train guns on it?" I say knowing how he thinks.

" Yes , as to strike before they strike. Preemptive attack."

" What if they are not hostiles? I suppose we gave fair warning what is ours and they come with in lower orbit of out territory we'll shoot." I say , We basically took 3 quarters of the moon and 80 percent of our territory was already developed , and inhabited with agricultural domes, science , mining, military bases, factories.

" Actually change that to 2 warning shots one one actual shot, they continue blow them back too Asia. I will be making first contact however and you will be watching. Understood do , absolutely do not press any triggers with out my signs unless they open fire on us, I'll make sure that they will not enter low orbit around our clearly marked territory." I say, Brain stared at me knowing exactly why I had the posistion I did.  North america had feared about invasion they needed all round man but mostly military, I didn't mind pulling the trigger as long as I had given warning , and variouse other procedures.

I finally got to my room , exhausted and weary, already countries where drooling allover the fact the moon did not have support from below, one or two brutal losses and I might be forced to surrender, luckily it wasn't going to be easy, the paranoid north americains sponsors have got a well thought out defensice plan. Or so I have been lead to believe.

The End

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