Arnold Wu, Asia: To Infinity, and Beyond!

When Arnold Wu woke up at presicely 7:56 on the date of his beutiful land's unification, he (natrually) felt happy. Not only could he relax in the comfort of the backseat of his Zingo as he drove by thousands of jubulant civillians under a multicolored rain in a sunny sky, but sometime in the late afternoon, a truly magnificent spacecraft called ASIA #1 would be launching to a place far above his tallest building's reach: the moon.

This is the promise of a new Asia, he thought. Perfectly free and well paid and happy scientists had "done it again" for billions of others. Their clever little lasers at once could draw rain from other lands and harmlessly color it! Amazing! Seeing that the west was under pressurefrom it's own people years ago, Arnold had encouraged his brains to do whatever they could to fill the coming vacum between surface dwellers and Moonies.

Stupid Nanas (this word is a recently coined derogitory term refering to North Americans), why abandon an area that you can make perfect yourself? Those numbskulls rival even my dithering Public Relations minister in retarde- ness...

President Wu loaded himself into the backseat of the Zingo, and smiled.

The End

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