Drew Martz : Moon colony , cutoff

I love the moon , its really amazing and full of wonderful discoveries. The economy is mostly science based , mining  ,and partially military advancement . Meaning a pretty stable economy. The only downfall is we are not completly self sufficent, from multiple stupid mistakes. Our Oxygen filters packed it in last month , and our agriculture is putting out to much CO2 in its artificail biodome.  Now this all would be easy to solve say that were cut off from earth financially. Meaning were going to have work things on our own accord, simple except , with our cut off comes the loss of the shuttle, we can't get the neccasary equipment on civilian transport shuttles.  I sit in a room with the rest of the used to be colonial government now , Moon government.

The other issue is the many corporations tiring to corrupt the government for their own gain was begining to add to the decisions having to be made. I try to keep the money flow heading to the corporations balanced so one will not overtake the other and eventually smother all power this government had.

" Alright, the problem is obviouse , we have been abandonned up here because of financial reasons down there. We can easily afford a new oxygen filter or the materials neccesary to make one, the problem is getting it up here. Ideas?"  I start .

" Build a shuttle!"

" Can't not enough raw materials."

" Salvage other ships!"

The topic then got a little carried away.

" There may be enough oxygen trapped in the minerals in our mines to atleast take apart a few buildings to build a shuttle." The LMC spokesperson say ( Lunar mining corporation) That would get them a good grasp over the government last thing we need is people being told what to do by a corporation.

" What about the Lunar shuttle on earth, Why can't we borrow that?" Says James Zerta an officail member of this government. 

" Thats a good question.Currently is being bidded on by other countries, We have placed a large bid on it but something tells me we may be sold out. So we need a secondary plan in case we do not get the shuttle." I replie then our military mustle Brain Straker speaks.

" Drew , what will happen if a country interested in taking the moon by force buys the shuttle?"

" We will cross that bridge when we get there. But I'm sure even you would know our army is something to be feared."  It was something to be feared.We have gleamed many not found on earth chemicals and materials that prove very dangerouse.

" For a temporary fix I suggest using the minerals that have trapped the oxygen on the moon and changing a few chemical charestics to trap CO2 instead." says Micheal Chrome head of the science branch.  We did have a fair bit of the mineral hanging around in piles it wouldn't cost to much.

" Alright lets to that anyone disagree?" I ask. No one did they all benefited financially.

" We still need to have a shuttle just in case we cannot buy the one on earth." My vice prime minister Jack Kempton says.

" Well I think everyone agrees we should salvage the civillian transport ships and reuse the parts for a shuttle."  The C.E.O of our port say.

" Yes I guess that will be fine I sigh, Meeting adjourned."  I say leaving immediatly.

I guess once we've cleared these hurtles , things might get a little better  , but I was sure like most newly made countries there rebellions or wars.  I was severly hoping that what Brian had said might happen did not become a reality. I have already served five years in a war , it is something that I can't imagine would be a good thing.

The End

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